We’re having a Nip/Tuck!

We have been busy re-inventing our vision for bringing economic advancement to transgender and gender non-conforming people everywhere.  What began as a simple concept called the Association of Transgender Professionals (ATP) where we hoped to gather a couple hundred members of the transgender/gender non-conforming community has grow into an active Facebook group with over 10,000 members.  Yes, that is 10,000 members!

Clearly something bigger & more structured was needed and so the Institute for Transgender Economic Advancement was born!

Being a newly minted 501(c)3 charity, we are excited to start to strut our stuff on the catwalk of lived equality and make the world a better place for transgender and gender non-conforming people, not matter how they chose to be gender authentic in their lives.  Besides continuing to sponsor and grow ATP into an organization that promotes career networking and mentoring in our community, we have some exciting projects and programs on our menu.

Already we have launched the ITEA Career Center to facilitate connecting transgender and gender non-conforming job seekers with employers who forward thinking inclusion and diversity programs embrace gender authentic employees.  The Career Center will eventually provide a comprehensive suite of resources to employees and employers alike.

Upcoming is a Diversity Business Directory where people and organizations can present their products and services directly to the community. Right behind that, will be a Registry of Gender Authenticity Trainers and Speakers suitable for any engagement.

Beyond that?  Only the shadow knows, but we are quite excited to be a part of creating lived equality for all people, no matter how the identify.

We hope you’ll like our new look!  We did it just for you….